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About Exhale

Exhale is here to make your health, wellness and self care the priority. Whatever the challenges, we are here to help you create sustainable habits so that you feel the best version of yourself. Exhale was set up by Dr Cath Taylor who is currently a Sports & Exercise Medicine Training Doctor & a fully certified Health & Life Coach.

Having worked as an A&E doctor for over five years, Cath recognised the importance of nurturing her own health & wellbeing.​ The effects of high stress, sleep deprivation & shift patterns led her to look for lifestyle habits that are sustainable to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

With a keen interest in lifestyle & exercise medicine, the coaching programmes focus on empowering you to develop the skills to regain balance.

It's time to become the healthiest and happiest version of you. 



MbChB Medicine & Surgery 

(University of Manchester, 2015)

Health & Life Coaching Certification 

(Health Coach Institute, 2020)

Integrated Foundations of Medical Education

(University of Cambridge, 2017)

Sports & Exercise Medicine Doctor ST3 

(Cambridge, 2020 ongoing training)

A&E training ST1-ST3 

(London, completed 2020)

Black belt in kickboxing & kickboxing teacher


It's time to prioritise yourself again


Reset & Rebalance Breakthrough Session

  • One-to-one 30 minute coaching session

  • Uncover what’s been slowing you down & keeping you from having the energy & health that you want

  • Develop a powerful vision for how to Reset & Rebalance your wellbeing, what it will mean for you, your health and your life

  • Discover which foods & lifestyle habits are bringing your body down...& what to do about it

  • Explore the step-by-step plan to Reset & Rebalance your health in 90 days or less

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Reset & Rebalance 90 Day Programme

  • 12 one-to-one weekly 45 minute private coaching sessions. In these coaching sessions, you’ll receive personalised information & coaching exercises that are proven to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see transformation in your health & your life

  • Customised materials

    including checklists, recipes, handouts and more


Reset & Rebalance 30 Day Intensive

  • 8 one-to-one twice weekly 45 minute private coaching sessions.

     In these coaching sessions, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to overcome the challenges you face & allow you to accelerate your results, achieving major breakthroughs in your health & your life - FAST

  • Customised materials

    including checklists, recipes, handouts and more


Reset & Rebalance One off Session

  • One-to-one 60 minute intensive session

  • For these sessions, we'll focus on one area that you want to change or improve in your busy lifestyle, whether that be sleep, managing stress, energy levels, exercise routine or eating habits & work through them together giving you a clear strategy of how to move forward to regain the balance

  • Great for those who want a change but don't want to commit to the 90 day programme right now


Client Reviews

"As a lawyer working in the city, my working hours can be long, so it is fundamentally important that I make the most of the limited opportunities I have to get a good night’s sleep.  But too often I find myself struggling to drift off, and my mental and physical well-being tends to suffer as a result.  The consultation I had with Cath has already gone a long way in helping me work around these issues.  Cath took time to understand the particulars of my day-to-day life, explain the pitfalls in my routine, and provide me with easy-to-implement techniques designed to enhance my sleeping experience.  It has only been a couple of weeks, but I have already noticed a material improvement in my mood and productivity.  To top it off, she is just an absolute pleasure to talk to.  I cannot recommend the sessions highly enough!"


“As a healthcare professional, I do a lot of shift work & have to alternate day-night rapidly & struggle with sleeping. Sleep plays such a vital part in restoring health & I wanted to improve my habits. I had a deep dive 60-minute consultation where we talked about  my sleep hygiene & habits! As a side note, who knew you could discuss sleep for so long but it’s a testament to Cath’s ability to explore my habits & concerns. After a thorough discussion she then gave me a Taylor-made plan (terrible pun!) with suggestions to try an app & create an evening wind-down plan. It’s been minimal effort to incorporate it into my daily routine & it’s worked brilliantly. I can already notice I’m getting better quality sleep. Highly recommend the session! Thanks Cath.”


“I came to Exhale Coaching wanting to work on my Mental Health & build my self esteem, as well as generally feel healthier. Cath set me at ease from the first session. She was patient & allowed me to set the speed & scope of the appointments, working together to set realistic goals. After only a few short sessions, my mood is lifted and I'm finding that the small changes set out by Cath are making me feel healthier & happier. Having the support of Exhale Coaching helped me keep on track & not lose sight of my goals. Can not recommend these sessions enough!"


“I came to Exhale Coaching to help me with my stress & anxiety. Each session has been really valuable. I can feel myself becoming more selective & it has been great learning new strategies to help me feel happier & more relaxed. I look forward to the sessions each week, enjoying the accountability & release of deep routed emotions. I like the way the sessions unfold & I feel relaxed to say exactly what I am thinking. I would definitely recommend Cath's sessions. I feel they are really helping me."


"I came to Exhale Coaching looking for help with my time management, social media use and work/life balance.
Cath was wonderful. Her relaxed and open attitude really allowed me to open up. I was honest about all I wanted to work on and realistic about what I can adjust.
She gave me pragmatic effective tips to make small adjustments to my every day routine. I'm already seeing the benefits of putting them into practice!"


"Exhale Coaching uses a combination of science & coaching techniques to give personalised advice on how to optimise your lifestyle & well-being. She checked in on me in the days after our session to see if I needed any further tips & provided ongoing encouragement & motivation. I particularly liked how relaxed and non-judgemental she was. It felt like I was talking to a friend. Thank you!"




Feel free to contact for more information about choosing the right health coaching programme for you. It is time to invest in you.

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